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Turkey Meatballs with Fennel, Golden Raisins and Pinenuts

Turkey Meatballs with Fennel, Golden Raisins and Pinenuts

Make extra, as these tasty meatballs won't last long! They have all your favorite fall and winter spices. Serve with gravy or cranberry sauce, for dipping.

Serves 6-8 as an appetizer

Hot Turkey Burger

Hot Turkey Burger

These turkey burgers taste like a whole turkey dinner!

Serves 4

Carrot Top Pesto with Whole Grain Penne

Carrot Top Pesto with Whole Grain Penne

You can eat this bright and nutritious pesto pasta hot, room temperature or cold for lunch the next day!

Serves 6



Educating kids and their families about food and cooking

Yum-o!® educates kids and their families about food and cooking, enabling them to get started in the kitchen while making meals that are easy, healthy, affordable and delicious. The first step is to help them gain confidence in the kitchen and start cooking freshly prepared meals. Yum-o! makes this process easy by removing the intimidation factor for new cooks.

This website is the central place where Yum-o! provides information and tools to get started. And, of course, we're available 24/7! Check out the Get Started and Recipes section, along with the Yum-o! Kitchen Road Map™, to find family-friendly recipe ideas and learn about the basics of the kitchen. You can also find inspiration to take action by learning about programs and organizations that are doing great things in their schools and communities in our How Cool Is That? section.

About Yum-o!'s COOK work, Rachael says, "We want to get parents and kids cooking healthier breakfasts, lunches, lunchboxes and dinners and we want to make food fun, fast and affordable for American families. Our goal is to get great recipes out there and to listen to parents' and kids' concerns about health and nutrition, and what their kids are eating both at school and at home. We want to get people really excited about getting food into our kids. The challenge I've heard from a lot of parents is that it's a time and a finance issue. They just don't really believe they can make good food fast, but they can by taking help from the store. It's just a matter of getting information and recipes out there so that kids can learn to cook for themselves and help Mom and Dad get dinner on the table."

Feeding hungry American kids

Despite living in the world's richest country, a startling number of Americans go hungry every year. According to a study completed by the UDSA in 2006, the rate of food insecurity for American households in 2005 was 11%, which means that more than 35 million people did not have access to enough food to meet their basic needs. Nearly 13 million of these people were children – that's almost 1 in 5 kids! These food insecure and hungry kids can be found in urban and rural areas in all geographic regions of the country. They are raised in dual and single parent homes and represent all races and ethnicities.

The effects of childhood hunger last a lifetime. Without an adequate diet, children are challenged to thrive physically, cognitively and psychologically, making it more difficult to reach their full potential as they grow into adults. Research shows that children who are undernourished have trouble concentrating and bonding with other children, are more likely to suffer illnesses that force them to be absent from school, and perform poorly on standardized tests. Poor performance early in school is a major risk factor for dropping out of school in later years. According to labor statistics, educational attainment is perhaps the greatest indicator of job and income security. So the effects of childhood hunger sustain an ongoing cycle of poverty and food insecurity.

Hunger in America has been, and continues to be, a real problem for a significant part of our population. Therefore, Yum-o! is making the fight against hunger a part of our mission by partnering with organizations such as No Kid Hungry® in support of their leading priority: ending childhood hunger in America. Yum-o! also works with organizations throughout the country to raise awareness about and contribute to special projects that address this issue.

Watch Share Our Strength: Strength in Numbers, a video illustrating the magnitude of childhood hunger in America.

Funding cooking education and scholarships

Yum-o! recognizes the wide variety of restaurant and foodservice industry opportunities for young people making career choices today. According to the National Restaurant Association, the restaurant industry employs more than 12.8 million people and is the nation's largest employer other than the government. Further, the restaurant industry expects to add 2 million jobs during the next decade. Yum-o! helps kids reach their food-related career goals by funding scholarships through our partnership with the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.


Check out a message from Rachael Ray about her inspiration and vision for Yum-o!