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Greek Burgers with Feta Sauce

Greek Burgers with Feta Sauce

Greek-style chimichurri and feta sauce pack a delicious flavor punch. You can also serve the three-ingredient sauce with cut veggies, pita chips or dolloped on salad.

Serves 4

Mexican Fish and Chips

Mexican Fish and Chips

Nachos + fish = a delish baked seafood dish! Serve with rice and beans on the side.

Serves 4-6

Half and Half Upside-Down Pizza

Kids and grown-ups will flip over this cool new way to make pizza! You can use the suggested topping combos or make your own!

Serves 4


Amazing Games to give you a "Yum-o!" Good Time


Word Hunt

Print out this Word Hunt and find the fruity words on the left. Remember, the words could be backwards, forwards, up, down, across, and on a diagonal. When you're all done, you can throw these fruits into a blender with some ice and milk and you've got yourself a smoothie!

Can't find all the words in the Word Hunt? Print out the answers here.


Print this page and color it in to remind you of all the healthy foods you can add to your diet!