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Les Petit Chefs Academy

October 15, 2011  • 

Les Petit Chefs teaches nutrition and life lessons to kids ages 3-16 through hands-on cooking for a healthy lifestyle. Based in San Mateo, California, this cooking school for kids provides a safe, fun and educational environment where young chefs learn to read recipes, cook and bake, work safely in the kitchen and explore creative food ideas.

The curriculum consists of fun cooking while learning about fresh affordable foods from diverse cultural traditions, with a focus on healthy eating and exploring the senses: appreciating the brilliant colors and diversity of food, kneading dough by hand, listening to a pan sizzle, smelling authentic spices and savoring wonderful diverse flavors through taste.

Chefs also learn about cleanliness and kitchen safety while preparing food and learning to cook with kitchen utensils. The classes increase students’ level off proficiency in the kitchen, cooking and life skills, vocabulary, how to measure, whisk, sauté and even manners and etiquette.

See how much fun Les Petit Chefs are having in the kitchen!