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"Yum-o!" is the sound you make when you eat something really delicious. It’s a combination of "Yummy!" and "Oh wow!" You can't help but smile when you say it.

Yum-o!'s Mission

Launched in 2006 by Rachael Ray, Yum-o!® is a nonprofit organization that empowers kids and their families to develop healthy relationships with food and cooking through three main initiatives: Cook, Feed, and Fund.

two girls making hummus
cutting ginger lady and boy grating cheese
girl making stew boy pouring liquid
Photographs by John Jernick


Yum-o! educates kids and their families about food and cooking, enabling them to get started in the kitchen with meals that are easy, affordable, nutritious and delicious, of course. Try one tonight! We partner with organizations like the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, FoodCorps, and more to dive deeper into cooking, eating, and living a healthier lifestyle. We also love fueling you with inspiration and ideas on how to make a difference and keep on cookin’—check out our blog for our favorite tips, ideas, and stories.


Despite living in one of the world’s wealthiest nations, a startling number of Americans go hungry every year. According to a 2014 USDA study, the rate of food insecurity for American households in 2013 was 14.3%, meaning almost 49 million people did not have access to enough food to meet their basic needs. Nearly 16 million of these people were children. We want to live in a country where every child has access to nutritious food. Yum-o! partners with organizations like No Kid Hungry, Feeding America, and others to help end childhood hunger in America and to bring more awareness to this issue.


What better way to help change the way we eat than by educating the next generation of kids? Yum-o! recognizes the wide variety of restaurant and foodservice industry opportunities for young people and helps them reach their food-related career goals by funding scholarships through our partnership with the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.

Read a message from Rachael Ray about growing up in the kitchen and her inspiration and vision for Yum-o!

Our Partners

Yum-o! teams up with a variety of organizations to accomplish the three core areas of our mission: Cook, Feed and Fund. By working together with these organizations, we hope to make a lasting impact on the issues that we are passionate about.