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Announcing the 2010 Yum-o! Scholarship Winners!

December 17, 2010  • 

The FUND component of Yum-o!’s mission helps kids reach their food-related career goals by funding culinary school scholarships. Patrick Ruffolo, Drew Nochta, Kaitlin Hale and Haley Allison join an additional ten students at Frankford High School in Philadelphia, PA, who received their awards earlier this year, in receiving this year’s Yum-o! Scholarships.

Pictured clockwise from top left are Eben Lewis (Frankford High School), Drew Nochta, Patrick Ruffolo and Haley Allison. 

Kaitlin Hale attends the Waukesha County Technical College in Peewaukee, WI, where she is working towards a degree in Culinary Management. She plans to continue further to earn a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management and a degree in Business Management from University of Wisconsin – Stout. Kaitlin is looking forward to the opportunity to experience a variety of roles in the culinary industry as she pursues her education, but hopes to own a restaurant or a catering business in the future. "Thank you for helping me to pursue my goal of working in the culinary industry," said Kaitlin. "There is nothing that I would rather do and there is nothing else that I should do. The culinary industry is a part of my life, and now I’m preparing for a future career."

A dedicated student, Drew Nochta is currently attending culinary school. "Yum-o! has inspired me to work on healthier styles of cooking," says Drew Nochta. "Also, I love to see how we as culinary artists can make a difference."

Patrick Ruffolo is working towards an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts and will continue to pursue a degree in Hospitality Management at Robert Morris University in Chicago. Having discovered an interest in catering after a recent experience working with a chef to cater a golf tournament, Patrick has set his sites on eventually owning his own catering company. He also "plans to find a creative way to use my culinary talents to give back to the community."

After finding a passion for baking while attending part-time culinary school as a senior in high school, Haley Allison is now a full-time student at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, where she is majoring in Pastry Arts Technology. Haley is taking an accelerated courseload in order to graduate in two years, and then plans to continue on at University of Cincinatti to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality. On her way to her goal of owning her own pastry shop, she is currently gaining experience working at Cincinnati’s Skirtz and Johnston Fine Pastries and Chocolates. "I know all of these steps are in grasping range. It is up to me to reach these goals I have set for myself," says this enthusiastic and motivated student. "Hopefully one day I can give back to this organization."

Applications for 2011 scholarships will be available on the Yum-o! website in spring 2011.