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Balance Bands

May 1, 2011  • 

Designed to teach the MyPyramid initiative, Balance Bands are a fun, visual way to help establish healthy eating habits when it comes to fruits and veggies and can be used at home and at school. To participate, you put all your Balance Bands on your right wrist first thing in the morning. Throughout the day, each time you eat a portion of fruits or vegetables (1/2 cup for children or 1 cup for adults), you move one Balance Band to the left wrist. The goal is to get all your Balance Bands on your left wrist by bedtime! You can even track your progress on a downloadable goal sheet!

Balance Bands also offers programming for schools to complement school nutrition programs by making eating healthy a fun game and a group effort. They work well with students ages 4 and up, and feedback ranges from first grader Stone S., who responded, “Thank you for the Balance Bands. I’ve been using them all week. They made me healthy, and they made my brain work,” to fourth grader Carson P., “I was surprised how much five fruits and vegetable can affect the way you feel!”

Visit the Balance Bands website to learn how you can change your choices with Balance Bands!