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BK Farmyards

April 15, 2010  • 

Brooklyn-based BK Farmyards’ mission is to bring communities together around the dinner table by building a local food network that enhances the health of our culture, our people and our environment. BK Farmyards works with neighborhood residents to transform private yards into farms and also offers neighbors the opportunity to meet each other and celebrate food by hosting neighborhood dinner parties.

When it comes to youth, they have partnered with the High School for Public Service to empower the students to become land stewards and community leaders through urban agriculture. Their current goal is so transfor 10,000 square feet of land into farmyard and to offer an integrated classroom, after-schoo and summer curriculum.

Visit BK Farmyards’ website to learn more about how they are bringing communities together around the dinner table and empowring kids with knowledge about health and nutrition, sustainable agriculture and leadership skills.