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Build Healthy Kids

May 15, 2011  • 

Build Healthy Kids is an organization dedicated to providing families an easy way to understand, organize and improve their kids’ diet and activity levels in ways that make a positive impact on their long term health.

To help parents build their healthy kids, Build Healthy Kids’ website keeps busy parents in mind by offering information and tools that are simple and easy to access, understand and use, such as Take 12, a step-by-step guide that takes families through twelve building blocks over the course of a year. By making one change each month, families will be eating a diet full of the nutrients needed to stay healthy and strong in just one year!

You’ll also find Nutrition 101, covering nutrition essentials, tools for healthy eating, such as a Lunch Box Planner, breakfast suggestions for Healthy Mornings and even ideas for Exercise and Play!

Visit the Build Healthy Kids website to start building the foundation for a healthy and happy future for you and your children.