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Chickin Feed

February 15, 2008  • 

Chickin Feed was started by Leslie Smith Grant, a mother of two who was trying to come up with a simple way to teach her children about what they should be eating each day (and to remind herself, as well!). “I needed a simple way to keep the important information – what makes up a balanced daily diet – literally in front of my children,” says Leslie. The Chickin Feed Tracking Board was the result. It is an extremely simple idea that helps parents and children keep track of what they need versus what they’ve had each day. Now the company is off and growing with other helpful products like the Chickin Feed Primer and Chickinware.

Now a growing company, Chickin Feed (“Chickin” being an affectionate term for children) is dedicated to simple, fun and effective ways to improve nutrition for today’s families. Chickin Feed believes that a greater awareness of what makes up a balanced daily diet will lead to better overall eating habits, and, hopefully, to a lifetime of healthy eating.

Check out this video segment about Chickin Feed from the Rachael Ray show and have a look at Chickin Feed’s products on the company’s website to get on your way to a balanced diet!