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Children’s Health Foundation

August 31, 2009  • 

Children’s Health Foundation (CHF) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance health initiatives that benefit the mind, body and spirit of children. CHF works directly with schools to create positive change by offering programs that prevent childhood obesity, ensure school safety, prevent bullying and provide intercultural awareness training.

Since 2005, CHF has made great strides in contributing to the development of the nation’s children, including those listed below. To achieve these initiatives, they’ve joined with major stakeholders on a state and national level to effect change in health and education.

  • Establishing the Lunch for Life healthy school lunch program, which supports healthy eating habits through affordable, delicious meals made from “real food”
  • Conducting a study that prompted the removal of unhealthy á la carte items from middle school cafeterias
  • Increasing positive school climate by 63% at their Safe School Ambassadors sites by training students to intervene in student-on-student mistreatment before adults become involved
  • Providing Intercultural Awareness Trainings in high schools to help students explore cultural diversity and appreciate different ethnicities, traditions, customs and values

If you think your school could benefit from CHF’s programs, visit their website today to learn more!