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Choosy Kids

March 15, 2008  • 

By offering uniquely designed training and educational materials for parents, teachers and children, Choosy Kids has become a nationally recognized leader in the effort to help public health officials, teachers and parents prepare young children to avoid the health-related consequences of inactivity and poor nutrition choices.

The mission of Choosy Kids is to promote the development of healthy preferences. They are fully committed to providing products and services that promote healthy decision-making and healthy, active lifestyles. Recognizing that the first five years of life lay the foundation for learning and behavior preferences that may last a lifetime, Choosy Kids focuses primarily on young children and the adults who make decisions on their behalf.

Choosy Kids features their role model and messenger, Choosy, along with contemporary music designed to appeal to children and adults. All programs and products offer practical suggestions for application to any environment and limited budgets, and emphasize a variety of opportunities to stimulate and challenge the sensory, perceptual and motor development of young children at an early age. Their hope is that by helping children and their families to form good habits about healthy eating and physical activity, childhood obesity and cardiovascular disease can be prevented rather than having to be treated later on in life. They firmly believe that children are empowered by choice.

Check out this video segment featuring Troy Lynn Lavigne backstage on the Rachael Ray show to learn how her Choosy Kids training has positively impacted her students and their families and visit the Choosy Kids website to find out how you can bring Choosy Kids programming to your school!