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Easy and Tasty Whole Grain Swaps

January 9, 2019  • 

Nothing inspires a curiosity for food quite like cooking. And what better time than now to invite your little ones into the kitchen to help out? An easy, fun lesson to try teaching at home is the benefits of whole grains. Introduce your kids to these nutritious ingredients with some of our tasty swaps for processed foods – they’re are easy and simple for the whole family.

  1. Next time you’re making a grilled cheese sammie or PB&J, try our whole grain makeover. Simply trade out the white bread with whole grain bread for added nutrition. Too much whole grain too fast? Make it easier on your loved ones’ tastebuds by only swapping out one piece of white bread in the sandwich.
  2. This idea of half white and half whole or wheat can be used for a myriad of foods. Rice is a great example! Try splitting your next pot of rice, and cook up a half -brown and half-white batch. It’s a fun way to add more color to a dish, while also incorporating more whole grains into a meal.
  3. We love this next swap for taco night! By simply replacing your usual white tortillas with wheat tortillas, you’re increasing your family’s fiber and nutrient intake. The same goes for quesadillas, wraps, breakfast tacos, and more.

Bonus: Did you know popcorn is a whole grain? This makes it a great option for when you’re craving a snack. Get your whole fam to decide on some fun spices to add to make it your own! Try some of these delish popcorn recipes.