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Family Cook Productions

September 15, 2013  • 

FamilyCook Productions is a notprofit organization founded in 1995 that supports communities with culinary/nutrition education programs in a holistic approach to developing healthy family meals. The organization’s mission is to bring people of all ages together around delicious, affordable and fresh food while positively impacting their health and well-being.

FamilyCook Productions offers schools, community-based groups, farmers’ markets, community gardens and others an array of field-tested, evidence-based curricula and instructor training to teach nutrition through cooking. Programs are age- and group-appropriate, designed for children from preschool through high school, as well as family and farm-to-table curricula. Since the late ’90s, FamilyCook programs and curricula have reached over 100,000 families across the United States.

Since 2007, FamilyCook has also directly mentored youth who have completed the core Teen Battle Chef program to share their new cooking skills with their families, friends and others in their community. They teach cooking and promote healthy eating to younger children in after school and summer camps, and conduct cooking demos in farmers markets and other public forums. They simultaneously explore a variety of career opportunities related to food and nutrition. As a result, they have become true catalysts in the battle to prevent diet-related chronic diseases and health disparities among their peers and families and within their communities.

Visit the FamilyCook Productions’ website to see how they are stirring up change in a community near you!