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Family-to-Family’s Doorknob Dinner Project

September 1, 2014  • 

Family-to-Family (F-to-F) is a national hunger and poverty relief organization dedicated to connecting families with enough to share with impoverished American families with profoundly less. Their program creates a bridge between communities with “more” and some of America’s poorest areas.

Members give in a variety of ways. Some welcome the concrete responsibility of shopping, packing and sending a monthly carton of non-perishable groceries that will provide 7 dinner-type meals to the family they “sponsor.” Some shop for and send only the “monthly drive items” – non-food basic necessities – while contributing a monthly donation to F-to-F, which is used to purchase groceries locally for “their” family.

In addition to their core family sponsorship program, F-to-F has a variety of additional giving opportunities, all designed to provide kids, families and adults with meaningful, hands-on giving experiences. One of these “hunger busting” programs is the Doorknob Dinner Project .

The DoorKnob Dinner Project is a national hunger relief effort tackling hunger in a local, direct way. The mission is simple: to engage as many people as possible once a month (or every other month) in an effort to feed our hungry neighbors, one neighborhood at a time.

Volunteers shop for specific groceries either once a month or every other month to provide a simple dinner for a family of five. F-to-F provides a few different shopping list options to choose from, and even includes a corresponding recipe to go with each shopping list for donors to print out and include with their “dinner” donation!

Once their shopping is completed, donors hang their groceries on the outside doorknob of their home. A neighborhood coordinator collects the bags, with the recipes tucked inside, at a designated time and brings them to the local food pantry. It’s that simple! F-to-F’s Let’s Do Dinner program is a similar initiative that reaches people at their workplace, place of worship or community gathering place.

Visit the Family-to-Family website to learn more how this organization is engaging communities of givers to “give where they live” in neighborhoods across America!