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Fight BAC!® – The Partnership for Food Safety Education

November 30, 2013  • 

Every year, one in six Americans gets sick from dangerous foodborne bacteria. Many of the estimated 128,000 who suffer serious illness requiring hospitalization each year are young children.

The Partnership for Food Safety Education’s mission is to end illness and death from foodborne infection in the United States. This nonprofit organization brings together the public and private sectors to support health and food safety educators by making their work more visible, collaborative and effective. The Partnership works with an active network of 14,000 health and food safety educators, providing them with tools they can use to educate people about protecting their health through safe food handling and hygiene.

When it comes to kids, the Partnership is committed to being a key resource for parents and educators with programming, ideas and fun activities for kids that teach them about the basics of safe food handling. Through its Fight BAC!® initiative, curricula for all ages from pre-K through high school, community activities, and even an iPhone game for kids – Perfect Picnic – are available for free download. You’ll also find a Holiday Food Saftey Guide to help keep kids and families safe during special celebrations.

Visit the Partnership for Food Safety Education’s Fight BAC!® website to learn how you can prepare and cook food safely.