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FoodBank of Santa Barbara County Kid’s Farmers Market

May 1, 2014  • 

The Foodbank of Santa Barbara Kid’s Farmers Market Program is an interactive approach to improving the long-term health of low-income children in Santa Barbara County, California. Each month the Kid’s Farmers Market Program provides fresh produce and nutrition education to children from low-income families at 27 afterschool programs countywide.

The Kid’s Farmers Market Program is an opportunity for the Foodbank to combat the prevalence of obesity and diabetes in the low-income population through nutritious foods and nutrition education.

The nutrition education curriculum details how fruits and vegetables are grown, how they are cooked and used, nutrition value and importance; and includes learning activities and recipes that promote fresh produce as an alternative to processed food.

As part of the curriculum, the Nutrition Educators, Assistants and children prepare and eat a nutritious recipe during each Kid’s Farmers Market! The children are encouraged to participate in the food preparation activities, taste the seasonal produce and recipes, ask questions and take home educational materials to share with their families. At the conclusion of the nutrition education curriculum, the children gather the produce from the Kid’s Farmers Market and collect educational materials to take home and share with their families.

Visit the FoodBank of Santa Barbara County’s website to see what’s growing and cooking at their Kid’s Farmers Markets!