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George McClements and <i>Night of the Veggie Monster</i>

April 11, 2008  • 

George McClements is an author and father of two boys who wrote Night of the Veggie Monster as he reflected on his experiences getting his kids to eat more veggies. He wrote the book both to reassure parents that they aren’t alone in the struggle to get their children to eat healthy foods, as well as for children, so that they can learn that that veggies not only are good for you, but taste good as well.

“This book was inspired by the very real actions of my son, Samuel, ” says George. My wife and I sat through so many of Samuel’s ‘performances’ that I felt compelled to commit them to paper. I have never created a book so quickly – I didn’t have to make anything up!”

In Night of the Veggie Monster, a little boy is such a picky eater that he turns into a “veggie monster” if a pea even touches his lips! The book is written for children but has humor that parents will appreciate. And the creative collage illustrations might even inspire parents and kids to take on an art project and write about their own food adventures, even if overcoming the Veggie Monster takes a few more reads.

As George says, “Samuel still has issues with vegetables (a sequel, perhaps?!) but at least now he can have fun exploring new tastes with his newly defined alter ego, the Veggie Monster.”

Visit to find a local bookstore near you that carries Night of the Veggie Monster. And check out some recipes for picky eaters, here!