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Get Up and Go with the #Commit2Ten Challenge

August 26, 2015  • 

Yum-o! is proud to partner with amazing organizations that are helping our nation’s kids eat better and move more. Check out this update on a new campaign from our friends at The Alliance for a Healthier Generation!

It’s time for a new school year. A boost of energy! Some pep in our step! And our friends at The Alliance for a Healthier Generation are helping us get moving with #Commit2Ten, a social media campaign challenging the nation to add 10 more minutes of physical activity to its daily routine during the month of September.

According to The Alliance, “80% of adults in America do not get the recommended amount of exercise each week, while only 1 in 3 children is physically active each day.” #Commit2Ten is a challenge to beat those stats, by adding just 10 more minutes of exercise (or play!) a day to your routine. They’ll even create a customized activity calendar for you to make it even easier.

Bonus: Every Wednesday in September, The Alliance is hosting an hour-long Twitter chat with organizations and celebrities that will focus on a different aspect of physical activity.

So what are you waiting for? Join Rachael and other voices in supporting healthier kids – in just 10 minutes a day!