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Growing Chefs

September 15, 2009  • 

Vegetarian and local and organic, oh my! New York City-based Growing Chefs was founded in 2005 by Annie Novak as a way to teach kids (and their parents!) about the delicious, wonderful ways in which food gets from the soil to the kitchen. On the organization’s website, Annie’s love of plants is translated into recipes that use local ingredients and ideas from wherever she travels. In person, Annie teaches cooking classes and also leads school field trips to farms to see animals, plants and soil in action.

Annie’s philosophy is simple: “Broccoli is not boring!” She is the Children’s Gardening Coordinator at The New York Botanical Garden and a farmer’s market aide at the Union Square Greenmarket, as well as the co-founder of Rooftop Farms in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. As an organization, Growing Chefs is active in New York City, Connecticut, New Zealand and now onsite at Rooftop Farms.

Visit the Growing Chefs website to check out some delicious recipes and to learn more about Annie’s efforts to educate kids and families about food…from field to fork!