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<i>Cooking’s Cool</i>

January 15, 2010  • 

Mrs. Sheff is a magical teacher who loves to cook with her students each day. She makes her debut in Cooking’s Cool, a unique collection of books designed to teach children that cooking and eating healthy is COOL! Teachers and parents can enjoy reading these delightful tales with their students and children and then cook the simple, delicious and healthy recipes included in the books. They’re a fun, interactive and easy way to teach your family about cooking and healthy eating!

Author Cindy Sardo was inspired to write this book series after learning about Yum-o! in 2007. Inspired to search for a way to give back, this 10-year-veteran fourth grade teacher and avid cook decided to write about something she knew a lot about – teaching and cooking. “My passion for cooking comes from my family,” says Cindy. “We all love to cook, share recipes and enjoy family meals together. It has been my pleasure to write these books and share them with children and families.”

Visit the Cooking’s Cool website to find out more about the Cooking’s Cool books, including the latest addition to the series, Cooking’s Cool in the Spring!