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<i>Ingredient</i> Magazine

December 15, 2013  • 

Started in 2010, Ingredient is an indie magazine for kids that believes that kids should be curious about the world they live in and about the hows, whats, whys and whens of the food they put in their bodies. With an editorial board comprised of food writers, parents, teachers and special needs experts, the magazine aims to entertain and challenge readers with its depth and breadth of topics that forward the idea that a diet rich in knowledge and curiosity is good for kids.

The magazine encourages a multi-disciplinary approach to food that refuses to dumb down content. You’ll find articles about the science of pressure cooking, the regional legends around the eponymous submarine sandwich and the best bedtime snacks for restful sleep – all in the same issue.

Ingredient evolved out of my own curiosity about food,” says founder Jill Bloomfield. “I was a very picky eater; that is, until I learned to cook in my mid-twenties. That interest eventually grew into teaching kids about food, first by giving cooking lessons to children, and later by writing cookbooks for children. As an English teacher by trade and a foodie by hilarious karmic design, I eventually merged my love for food, words and kids, and Ingredient magazine was born.”

Published six times each year, every issue includes q&a, a round-up of food trends, a close-up look at a food, short pieces, features, activities, recipes, quizzes and games geared for kids age 6 and up. Check out the print and digital editions today!