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January 31, 2010  • 

The Spriggles book series is a fun way to help children ages 3-8 increase their awareness and knowledge of health, nutrition and exercise. A combination of “spirit” and “giggles,” Spriggles weaves innovative stories with imaginative illustrations and playful rhymes such as “Keep on tryin’, Lion” and “Stay in shape, Ape.” It’s fresh, fun, and unique!

Named an “Educational Book of the Year” by the Michigan Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, Health, and Sports, Spriggles books are currently a key component of several University Extension curricula in the area of early children’s nutrition/health education (Virginia Tech, University of Kentucky, University of Massachusetts, University of Missouri, and Western Illinois University). The books are also included in statewide programs in both Michigan and Louisiana.

The three books in the series are:

Spriggles: Health & Nutrition motivates children to “Eat a balanced meal, Seal,” “Avoid the junk, Skunk,” “Limit the fat, Cat,” “Take a bath, Giraffe,” to inspire them in the areas of nutrition, hygeine and general well-being.

Spriggles: Activity & Exercise encourages children to “Go for a walk, Hawk,” “Play in the park, Shark,” “Get out of the house, Mouse,” “Ride your bike, Pike,” to motivate them in the areas of physical fitness and activity.

Spriggles: Inspiration encourages children to “Aim high, Butterfly,” “Never say can’t, Ant,” “Be an achiever, Beaver,” “Keep on tryin’, Lion,” and many more rhymes that inspire them in the areas of character building, persistence and goal-setting.

To learn more about the Spriggles series or arrange for a visit from the authors to your school or youth program, visit the Spriggles website, where the books are also available for online ordering.