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Ithaca Children’s Garden

January 31, 2009  • 

The Ithaca Children’s Garden (ICG) is an innovative grassroots effort to create exciting, interactive, garden-based experiences for children of all ages. Based in Ithaca, NY, the ICG develops, implements and evaluates a wide range of garden-based education programs for children, teens and the community.

The ICG hosts a wide variety of intergenerational programs, blending disciplines such as horticulture, art, literature, music, life skills and science. When it comes to the intersection of gardening and food, their creative “Salad Farmers” program uses the different colors, textures and sizes of lettuce, greens and other salad veggies to design salad gardens as beautiful as they are tasty. This program features lots of hands-on gardening, garden ecology, games and taste-tests – plus a Salad Party to celebrate!

If you are interested in bringing a salad garden to your school or youth program, “Salad Farmers” can also be broadened and adapted to a semester-long school-based program called “Seed to Salad,” where kids take ownership of designing, planting, caring for and harvesting a salad plot. This is another great way for kids to become connected with their food system!

To learn more about the Ithaca Children’s Garden or to find ideas for establishing similar programs in your community or school, visit their website.