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<i>The Adventures of<br>Tommy the Tomato</i>

August 14, 2009  • 

Teaching children about proper nutrition is no easy task. In order to promote positive attitudes about food and healthy eating, materials about nutrition must keep kids engaged, and most importantly, allow them to have fun learning!

To meet this need, health and nutrition advocate Jay Holt created The Adventures of Tommy the Tomato, a guide to healthy eating for kids, along with a curriculum that meets the U.S. Education Standards for Physical Education and Health for grades K-4.

Jay has been a tireless crusader for healthy eating since earning a degree in nutrition from the University of Florida. As a former college basketball player, he believes that teaching children healthy eating habits at a young age provides them with the tools and ability to excel at home, school and beyond right from the start.

When reading The Adventures of Tommy the Tomato, children embark on an educational adventure alongside Tommy the Tomato. Throughout the book, Tommy encounters other fruits and vegetables, all of whom explain how they are beneficial to Tommy. In their journey with Tommy, kids learn about good nutrition in a fun and engaging way. This book’s beautiful illustrations and Jay Holt’s ability to see the information through the eyes of a child make learning with The Adventures of Tommy the Tomato fun and inviting. As a result, the nutrition information stays with kids for life!

The Adventures of Tommy the Tomato is highly recommended by parents and educators around the country (and is kid-approved, too!). Visit the The Adventures of Tommy the Tomato website for information about where you can buy the book, arrange for a visit to your school and to learn where you can meet the author and Tommy the Tomato!