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Kids Culinary Arts

January 15, 2014  • 

Cooking is fascinating to children. They love the process of adding, stirring and blending ingredients together in order to see something unique develop – something special they have created. The mission of Amherst, New Hampshire-based Kids Culinary Arts is to help children learn why they should eat and how to prepare nourishing food so they can be healthy people who succeed in all parts of their lives: physically, academically, socially and emotionally.

Kids Culinary Arts offers schools a Delish-Nutrish! interdisciplinary curriculum that can be incorporated into math and science classes during the school day, after-school programs for middle school students and also organizes parties and special events.

“Our students have a great time learning all about wholesome, nourishing foods and the culinary arts. Our educational approach to good nutrition is fun and, with our focus on healthy foods, we know we can take meaningful steps in preventing childhood obesity” says Cathy Duchesne, Founder and Executive Director of Kids Culinary Arts.

Cathy Duchesne has had an enthusiasm for cooking since she was a little girl watching her grandmother make scrumptious meals out of the most simple ingredients. After two decades of a successful business career, Cathy pursued her passion for children, starting Kids Culinary Arts in 2009. Through Kids Culinary Arts, Cathy has been able to combine her three loves — children, cooking and teaching. “It brings me such joy to see the kids with such a sense of excitement and pride about their healthy, delicious creations. Knowing that the kids are learning an enduring life skill that will enable them to become happy, healthy adults is the best. Next to being a Mom, this is the most important job I will ever have!”

Visit the Kids Culinary Arts website to learn how this program is cooking up a recipe for healthy kids!