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Lauren Ogles Gets Cooking!

July 15, 2008  • 

Lauren Ogles first started cooking through her participation in her local 4-H Club in Louisiana. Now a college student and aspiring chef, nutrition continues to be on the top of her mind so that she can be sure the things she makes are not only good to eat, but also good for you.

Lauren developed her own cooking program, called, “Get Cooking, Kid!” to show kids that cooking is fun and something they can do. Each workshop focuses on good nutrition and good food. As the kids arrive, they make their own chef hats and put on their aprons, and the workshop begins with information about the Food Guide Pyramid, food labels, sugar and fat content and portion control. Kids are shocked to see what a real serving of cereal looks like compared to what they really eat! Food and kitchen safety is also stressed – the kids are always surprised about the importance of handwashing.

But the workshop is not just about demonstrations. Kids visit five different hands-on stations to make easy snacks that can be made with little or no parental supervision. Then it is time to eat what has been made.

In just three years, Lauren has presented the workshop to over 200 elementary 4-Hers in three different parishes near her hometown. She is now expanding the program by training others on how to present the workshop at the parish, state and national level! Check out Lauren talking about her work in this video segment from the Rachael Ray show, and visit the Get Cooking, Kid! website to learn more about Lauren’s innovative workshop and how you can attend training to be come a workshop presenter in your community.