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Naked Nuggets

March 15, 2010  • 

After years of culinary training and opening some of New York City’s most popular restaurants, brothers Eric and Bruce Bromberg realized that cooking tasty, kid-pleasing, and healthful meals for Eric’s three children was their biggest and most important challenge of all.

Frustrated by what was available in most supermarkets, these chefs stripped down Eric’s kids’ favorite dish, chicken nuggets, to the bare essentials: chicken, seasonings, and spices. Gone were the heavy breading and greasy deep frying, leaving just tender, juicy grilled chicken nuggets. To their delight, their toughest audience was jumping for joy!

While Rach’s “Everything” Chicken Tenders are always a hit to make at home, these chicken nuggets are a healthy and delicious alternative to the fried and breaded versions on store shelves (and for kids with dietary restrictions, they’re gluten-free, too!). Plus, don’t miss even more kid-friendly recipes using Naked Nuggets!

For more information about Naked Nuggets and to learn where you can find them nationwide, visit their website.