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Purple Asparagus

January 15, 2011  • 

Founded in 2005, Chicago-based Purple Asparagus is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing families back to the table by promoting and enjoying all the things associated with good eating.

The “head spears” behind Purple Asparagus believe that adding enjoyment to a child’s diet is essential to the battle against obesity, experiencing the food of other cultures promotes peace, tolerance and understanding, forging a meaningful connection with local farmers and producers fosters respect for the earth and for community and that bringing children and families back to the table strengthens the bonds of family, no matter how extended.

The organization’s current programs include offering their Healthy Snacks Workshop in schools, a program designed to help Chicago schoolchildren learn better eating habits and make simple, healthy snacks and meals; a partnership with the Department of Family and Support Services Mobile Fairs to teach low-income parents how to cook for their families in healthy, nutritious, and economic way; as well as the Purple Asparagus Roadshow, where they take cooking demos for kids on the road at summertime farmer’s markets throughout the Chicagoland area. Purple Asparagus has also shared their list of healthy snack ideas that can easily be incorporated into schools, daycare and aftercare programs and as afterschool snacks at home!

To learn more about Purple Asparagus and how they’re bringing families back to the table, visit their website.