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Rachael Ray Joins First Lady Obama and Parklawn Elementary School Students for a Yum-o! Lunch

January 25, 2012  • 

(Alexandria, VA) — Rachael Ray joined First Lady Michelle Obama, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Senior Policy Advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives Sam Kass at Parklawn Elementary School in Alexandria, Virginia for a Yum-o! school lunch with the students, as First Lady Obama and Secretary Vilsack announced new standards for school meals that will result in healthier meals for kids across the nation.

"This is the first time in 15 years that we have seen any changes and improvements in the standards for our kids’ meals at school," First Lady Obama told Rachael in a follow-up interview, "and this is the first increase in funding in school lunches we’ve seen in decades. We need some help for our schools and this legislation is going to do just that for millions of kids across the country."

Rachael, First Lady Obama and Secretary Vilsack waited in the lunch line alongside students, then sat down for a Yum-o! school lunch featuring turkey tacos served on whole grain flatbread, a colorful black bean and corn salad, a choice of fresh fruit and a side of Mexican-style brown rice – recipes that Yum-o! has adapted to try at home, too! When asked by Rachael, "How’s the tacos?" students responded with a resounding, "GOOD!"

Watch Rachael and First Lady Michelle Obama enjoying lunch with the students at Parklawn Elementary School; plus, Rach’s exclusive interview with First Lady Obama – Part 1 and Part 2.

Photo credit: Bob Nichols, courtesy USDA