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Focaccia Waffles

Serves 2 waffles

The texture of waffles offers up a fun way to serve focaccia! Serve with an arugula salad, sliced fresh mozzarella and prosciutto alongside.

Chicken Cordon “Blue” Panini

Serves a delicious and quick dinner, too.

Make any kid smile with this lunch box special.

Stacked Panini Sticks

Serves 6

This reminds me of my favorite panini sandwich, which has ham, cheese and arugula. Here’s my version of this panini on a stick!

Spinach and Three Cheese Panini, Italian Flag Panini and Pizza Panini

Serves 4 (3 half-sandwiches per person)

Panini is what Italian kids call sandwiches. Sometimes the sandwiches are hot like grilled cheeses. They are really good and make a fast dinner when no one wants to cook. In this recipe, you will build two panini of each kind, for six panini total. When they are all made, a grown-up helper (GH) can cook them up and help you serve them. Each person can have one half-sandwich of each kind.