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Rethinking School Lunch

December 30, 2012  • 

An initiative of the Center for Ecoliteracy, Rethinking School Lunch is a planning framework based on a positive vision: healthy children ready to learn, “food literate” graduates, invigorated local communities, sustainable agriculture and a healthy environment. The Rethinking School Lunch Guide, published in 2004 and revised in 2010, is a downloadable guide that explains the rationale for reforming school food and explores the ten pathways that constitute this planning framework. Additional links on the Rethinking School Lunch section of the Center’s website include essays, interviews and other tools.

The Rethinking School Lunch Guide provides ideas and strategies for changing your school meal programs, promoting health and increasing ecological understanding. The Guide draws on the wisdom and knowledge of leading school nutrition experts and practitioners and lessons from successful programs. It is designed to help you make the case for change and discover innovative solutions to the challenges of reinventing school food.

Visit the Rethinking School Lunch web page to download the Guide, along with other practical information about school wellness, food services budgeting and procurement and hands-on teaching and curriculum frameworks.