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Revolution Foods

December 18, 2007  • 

Revolution Foods delivers tasty and healthy meals and nutrition education to schools and youth programs, serving up healthy breakfasts, lunches and after-school snacks. Since their launch in 2006, they’ve served over 100 educational programs (including district, charter, parochial, private, summer and after-school programs) throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, and their website includes a wide range of healthy food tips, recipes and educational resources.

In addition, Revolution Food’s school lunches have been so popular that they have also created a totally organic line of products that kids can enjoy at home, take on the go or pack for an after-school snack. All products are certified organic in accordance with USDA standards, and include peanut butter, fruit spreads, snack-size boxes of raisins, applesauce cups, breakfast cereals and more!

The impact that Revolution Foods has on the communities it serves is based on their core company values:

  • Access to healthy food creates change. Revolution Foods believes that children and families will make healthier choices if given access to better information and healthier, tasty, fresh food products.
  • Better nutrition matters. Revolution Foods believes that healthy food choices are key drivers of wellness, education and future productivity of our youth.
  • Scale matters. Revolution Foods’ goal is to impact as many students as possible. Dramatically improving access to healthier food options for students across the nation means engaging both major food suppliers and local farmers in their goals.

As you might guess from reading about Revolution Foods, this social venture is growing beyond Northern California, particularly in Southern California, Colorado and the Washington, DC area! To learn more about them and to revolutionize your school’s meals, visit their website.