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Root 4 Kids

April 1, 2011  • 

Root 4 Kids brings to life Annie’s Homegrown foods’ wish to nurture kids by inspiring families to eat more real food together. As childhood obesity rates continue to rise, encouraging kids and their families to eat real food is more important now than ever before. The goal of Root 4 Kids is to become a nationwide movement that inspires kids, schools and families to seek out and eat more nutritious food.

Use the tips in the Dig section on the Root 4 Kids’ website to get started and share how you are digging veggies at home or at school in the Virtual Garden. You can also Eat right from your garden with tasty recipes for in-season produce, download free games, coloring sheets and quizzes (who says you can’t Play with your food?!) and find resources for taking action in your schools and community, including contests that rally schools to win a garden, a Farm to School program or gardening supplies!

Visit the Root 4 Kids website to learn how this organization is inspiring kids to dig real food!