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¡Salud, familia!

October 15, 2010  • 

¡Salud, familia!, Arte Público Press’ publishing program, encompasses health and nutrition education through lively and engaging bilingual children’s books featuring young protagonists making choices about exercise, food and nutrition and other wellness topics.

The first book of the ¡Salud, familia! series is entitled I Kick the Ball and tells a story about a boy who uses his imagination and makes healthy lifestyle choices in order to become a skillful soccer player. The book’s message encourages children to exercise and eat the right foods.

This book series is currently being distributed by partnering organizations at no cost to low-income Spanish-speaking families with school-aged children residing in urban and rural areas. In addition, a coloring book version of the story is available for free download.

To learn more about the program and how you can obtain copies of the book series, visit the ¡Salud, familia! website!