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September 15, 2008  • 

A program of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the SmallStep Adult & Teen website, along with the SmallStep Kids website, is a terrific resource for learning how even small changes can add up to big results when it comes to getting active and eating healthy. The sites are filled with tips to integrate better eating and activity habits into a healthy lifestyle one small step at a time, along with free materials for teachers and links to local resources. Find out more about SmallStep.

With tools like SmallStep’s Activity Tracker, you can set physical activity goals, enter and save your physical activity on a calendar, track and view a graph of your progress and even earn an achievment certificate for reaching your goals! The SmallStep Eat Better guide has recipe ideas and a food choice guide for incorporating healthy foods into your diet. And for teachers and educators, the SmallStep Kids program has developed learning materials in partnership with with Scholastic™ designed to help second, third and fourth grade students build language arts and math skills as they learn about health and fitness.

SmallStep also supports local initiatives that offer programming or provide funding for projects that encourage healthy eating and getting active. Check out these local programs to see how you can get involved and/or learn about resources available in your community!