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Spotlight: Stacey Morris

May 15, 2013  • 

Here at Yum-o!, our mission is to empower kids and their families to develop healthy relationships with food and cooking. That means that every day we COOK up new ways to educate kids and their families about food, cooking and getting active, FEED hungry American kids and FUND cooking scholarships.

Recently, we met a woman who struggled with obesity for much of her life. But through learning about food choices and committing to a healthier lifestyle, Stacey Morris lost 180 pounds and has improved her health and wellness many times over. “I think one of the most important and freeing things I’ve realized is that enjoying food is everyone’s right,” Stacey says, reflecting on her journey. That’s what I’ve always loved about what Rachael does. From day one (on our local Albany, New York television station) she was out there cheerleading the fact that it’s okay to love food.”

Indeed, Rachael says, “We formed Yum-o! to introduce more kids to cooking. We want to help parents and kids enjoy cooking together and to break down the myth that cooking is hard or confusing. We believe that parents and kids will make better food choices if given the opportunity, knowledge, confidence and realistic options to do so. Lives are so busy today. Food choices should be easy and realistic. Parents should have the tools to cook good food for and with kids.”

With that in mind, Stacey is sharing a few of her favorite good-for-you recipes with us! Yum-o!