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Super Healthy Kids

July 15, 2009  • 

Super Healthy Kids is dedicated to teaching healthy habits to kids, one plate at a time. The mission of Super Healthy Kids is to provide the tools and resources that assist parents in teaching nutrition to their little ones, without nagging. Once kids learn what a balanced meal should look like, the kids can be the one to ask for more vegetables on their plates.

The Super Healthy Kids Healthy Habits Plate is just one of their tools that was developed to help children make healthy choices. The colorful plate is divided into three sections: colorful cartoon fruits, vegetables, breads, meats and milk products are arranged in the portions that your kids should be eating. Kids get excited to learn and make their own decisions when it comes to what they eat, and tools like this plate and their nutrition tracking chart and aprons (coming soon!) help kids do just that.

If you’re stumped for recipe ideas (and haven’t checked out Yum-o!’s recipes!), Super Healthy Kids has an entire section on their website dedicated to healthy recipe suggestions, as well as a handy menu planning guide and substitution list.

Visit the Super Healthy Kids website to check out their Healthy Habits Plate and other great resources!