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The Whole Grains Council

June 15, 2008  • 

We’re hearing more and more often that we should be incorporating whole grains into our diets, but what’s an easy way to do it? And what are whole grains, anyway? The Whole Grains Council helps you find whole grain foods and understand why they’re important in a healthy diet. And, you can find healthy choices fast by choosing products that have the Whole Grain Stamp!

In the Whole Grains 101 section on their website, you’ll learn all about what counts as a whole grain. For parents and kids who are not able to eat gluten, they even have an entire section dedicated to gluten-free whole grains!

In addition to a comprehensive Recipes section to try at home, the Whole Grains Council supports increased consumption of whole grains in schools and provides resources and information to both schools and manufacturers to make this a reality. The Schools and Whole Grains section on their website includes tools such as recipes for foodservice professionals, feedback from schools about their successes and challenges and suggestions and tools to make changes in your school’s lunch program, such as vending machine alternatives, and the HealthierUS School Challenge.

Visit the Whole Grains Council’s website today!