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The Youth Becoming Healthy Project

December 15, 2009  • 

Pamela Green Jackson formed the Youth Becoming Healthy Project to educate school students about the importance of eating healthy and exercising. Initially starting out by providing newspaper supplements as part of the Newspapers in Education program, YBH now has fitness centers in five Georgia middle schools. The program converts vacant classrooms into fitness centers, and offers free fitness and nutrition education, personal trainers, fitness competitions and goal-setting exercises to enable students to set and achieve their own goals. Since 2004, YBH has improved the lives of thousands of children.

Pamela says, “My brother lost his battle with obesity and my goal is that the buck stops here and the trend reverses.” According to CDC, obesity is one of the top causes of preventable death in the United States; Pamela is doing her part to prevent those numbers from rising by spreading the message of moving more and healthy eating to as many students as possible.

Named a “CNN Hero of the Week,” a video about Pamela Green Jackson and the Youth Becoming Healthy Project is available online, and more information about the organization is available on their website.