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Tray Talk: Communities for Healthy School Meals

November 30, 2011  • 

Tray Talk, a website hosted by the School Nutrition Association (SNA), spotlights school meal successes and provides parents with information about healthy school meals. Tray Talk features “School Nutrition Success Stories” from across the country, putting the spotlight on two different school nutrition programs each month. In addition, the “Latest News on the Tray” will cover hot topics in school nutrition, such as trends in food choices.

“School nutrition professionals are constantly working to improve school meals by offering more nutritious food choices, adopting healthier food preparation techniques and incorporating nutrition education into the cafeteria,” says SNA President Nancy Rice. “But school nutrition programs need the support of parents…to build on this success. Tray Talk offers parents, and anyone interested in school nutrition, the opportunity to get the facts about healthy school meals and get involved in their local school cafeterias.”

Ready to get started? Visit Tray Talk’s website today to read and share success stories, stay informed about school nutrition and find resources for improving the meals at your child’s school!

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