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August 31, 2013  • 

The Veggiecation© Program is a culinary-nutrition education program that introduces children to the delicious and nutritious world of vegetables by incorporating unique and kid-friendly vegetable preparations into fun activities and hands-on experiences. The mission of Veggiecation is to promote and educate communities about the health benefits of vegetables and how to prepare them in simple, unique, affordable and, most importantly, delicious ways.

Lisa Suriano, a certified nutritionist and school food specialist, developed the idea for Veggiecation out of a need to inspire the school children she worked with to eat more fresh vegetables at lunch. She originally developed the program to help teachers incorporate vegetable education into their existing curriculum. However, over time, Veggiecation’s goals and methods have evolved to bring nutrition education to communities outside of the traditional classroom setting as well.

As the demand for lessons teaching children and families how to cook simple, unique and affordable recipes to enjoy together has grown both inside and outside the classroom, Lisa decided that Veggiecation would have an even wider impact if she could empower other passionate individuals to conduct their own Veggiecation programs in communities across the country. Thus, growing the “Veggiecator” training program!

To date, Veggiecation has school programming in 30 states and Canada, as well as active Veggiecator’s all over the nation. Visit the Veggiecation website to learn how you can bring Veggiecation to your school or community!