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Vivi LeDish

January 30, 2013  • 

Vivi LeDish™ is a pint-size powerhouse who is revolutionizing the way kids play with their food by offering free, fun, interactive tools designed to give children a daily, digestible dose of wellness – aiming for kids to make a quick stop every day and get back out and play!™

Born from a group of moms, Vivi LeDish inspires kids ages 3-8 to learn in a healthy, active, whimsical way only Vivi can deliver. An overzealous aspiring chef, she is excited about trying new foods and being active. The Vivi LeDish website provides kids and their parents, caregivers, and teachers with a simple, yet comprehensive approach designed to:

In addition, the Vivi LeDish’s parent companion blog, “Beyond Delish with Mama LeDish,” offers features written by our team on cooking, wellness, and parenting, including viewpoints on today’s hot topic issues, as well as fun articles with cooking tips and recommendations to help parents learn along with their kids.

Visit the Vivi LeDish website to Grow Your Giggle™ with an approach created to establish healthy habits and warm memories that will last a lifetime!