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Yum-o!’s Director Featured in Culinary Types: Teaching Kids to Appreciate Food

January 24, 2010  • 

Writer T.W. Barritt recently featured Yum-o!’s Director, Andrew Kaplan, in his Culinary Types blog, which chronicles his day-to-day encounters with all things edible and the extraordinary people who grow, prepare, study, celebrate and eat food. In Barritt’s interview with Andrew, he captures the inspiration and vision for Yum-o! and his commitment to the heart of Yum-o!’s mission: educating kids about food and cooking by getting them involved in the kitchen.

"Kaplan has clearly found his calling and savors the organization’s power to transform," Barritt writes. "He sees food and the dinner table as central to family life – a place where memories are created – and has set a scrumptious community table that allows him to share that experience with others." In the words of Andrew, "I still cook and love cooking, but I’d rather make a difference – serve if you will. It’s changing lives one recipe at a time."

Read T.W. Barritt’s blog entry, Teaching Kids to Appreciate Food:
Yum-o!’s Director Andrew Kaplan
, to learn more about Yum-o! and Director Andrew Kaplan.